Looking Back at – The 50th Law

I know that reviewing other author’s books might not be the best thing to do, but I’m going to start reviewing books that resonate with me. You’ll never see me give a bad book review. This is because I don’t finish books I don’t like, and I’m not able to judge a book that I haven’t read all the way through.

Here’s my first try:

The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

First off, I’d recommend this book to any entrepreneur that’s looking to take control of their lives by taking chances on their business and betting on themselves. This book presents a mix of 50 Cent’s story, research, as well as stories of risk takers throughout history.

You learn the ways 50 Cent survived the streets growing up, ultimately becoming one of the biggest names in rap and a successful business man. Even if you’re not into the rap industry, this is a book that you can learn by. 50 Cent’s relentless effort, fearlessness, and aggression transformed him into an unstoppable force that couldn’t be matched in the streets, in the studio, in the media, or in the conference room over a multi-million dollar business deal.

This is a real page turner. There were several moments when I wondered how in God’s name he got out of some of the situations he did without getting killed or thrown in jail. He’s truly a genius. The author also gives great stories about other historical figures like JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Joan of Ark, Thomas Edison, and many more.

Aggression, fearlessness, and constant change are the main points the book drives home. You need those three qualities if you want to excel as an entrepreneur in any industry. That’s the thesis the authors emphasize very well with stories of how people rose to power.

The only drawback to this book is that it doesn’t include 50’s entire story. In my opinion, the best parts of this book were when the authors detail 50’s story—from how he overcame having a price on his head, to how he manipulated his marketing teams so they’d put more effort into marketing an upcoming album. He did whatever it took in order to rise to the top as a hustler, rapper, and businessman with a net worth of over one hundred million.

Perhaps he wasn’t the most ethical person at times, but 50 Cent’s story is worth reading about.




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