F*** it! I’m Doing a Marathon.

Okay–I finally have made the decision. It was shit or get off the pot, and I decided to …

*clears throat*

Nevermind. Anyway … I’ve decided to start training for my first marathon. I’m going for the November 1st marathon in Gran Junction–The Rim Rock Marathon.


It’s a life goal that I need to cross off ASAP. I’m in the best shape of my life, and regularly running half-marathons. A marathon seems like the logical next step.

Running seems to clear my mind and improve my attitude. I’m not sure if I legitimately suffer from depression at times, but whenever I get down at all, running seems to pick me up. I know this sounds a little arrogant, but I think running makes me a better person.

All the training programs that I’ve seen online look pretty weak sauce. Seeing as I just finished a 16 mile run yesterday, I don’t see the need to start out doing 8 mile long runs.  If you have any experience with training for a marathon, I’d like your input in the comments or via email.  Training 16 miles

I’m going for it. That’s all that matters right now. I’ll keep the blog updated with running posts once a week until the big day.

My training plan is going to be of my own making. I’ll do my usual 8 to 11 mile runs during the week, followed by a long 15+ mile weekend run.

I know I’m not supposed to run much more than twenty mile on the long run, so I’ll max it out around 22. Hopefully it’ll work out.