Cedar Ridge Crime Series


033 Mantis 1600x2400 EbookMantis  I’ve started a Cedar Ridge related novella. I’m calling it book 2.5 in the Cedar Ridge Crime Series. It’s going to be a short murder mystery involving the characters in the series. It’s in its early stages, but I’ve been wanting to start it for a while now. It’s going to be fun to write.

First Draft Complete as of 12/31/13

Mantis progress 12-12


096 Solar Flare 360x540 WebsiteSolar Flare is the stand-alone book that I’m currently working on. It’s a post-apocalyptic type of story, featuring a group of characters trying to make due after solar flares decimated all technology four years before the story picks up. I intend for this to be a novella of roughly 30-40 thousand words. Time will tell, but I’ve made some pretty good progress so far.

Flare progress
                                                                        First Draft Complete! As of 10/17/13

Living a Nightmare: 

I’ve completed the first draft of a full-length novel called Living a Nightmare. It’s a supernatural thriller about a man that sees future deaths every time he goes to sleep.

First and Goal:

 Is a sports novel about a rookie quarterback on a professional football team, struggling to make a name for himself. He fights a constant battle to eliminate many negative misconceptions about his past, all while trying to lead a struggling football team to the playoffs.


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