Cedar Ridge Crime Series:

Deadly Colors small
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Deadly Colors is my first full-length novel.

“It’s easy to spot others that have had a tortured past if that’s what you see in the mirror.”

In Cedar Ridge, gang warfare has pumped drugs, money, blood, and pain into the local economy.

Deadly Colors is a social commentary on the plight of the Urban-American male, disguising itself well as a police procedural.

Follow Detective Jeremiah Roland in his pursuit to keep a local gang war from getting out of control in the fictional California city of Cedar Ridge.

After arresting a notorious Blood member, Garrett Moore, Jeremiah does his best to prevent murders connected to Garrett’s family and friends. His obsessive pursuit of the illusive drug lords complicates his life, putting himself and others at risk. Jeremiah’s deep character flaws and checkered past cloud his judgment at times, forcing him into compromising situations. He must make hard decisions in order to keep his own life, and the lives of unexpected allies, out of harm’s way.

Deadly Colors is a ‘thinking man’s’ crime drama with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Due to drug use, profanity, offensive language and violence, this novel is meant for adult readers who like fast-paced gritty crime thrillers.

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Short Story Storm is a collection of short stories compiled into a free ebook. It will be available on Amazon by the end of December 2013.

If the book is not yet free on Amazon, contact me for a free mobi, epub or pdf copy.






One Step Closer to Hell 360x540 Website
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One Step Closer to Hell is the working title to the Deadly Colors sequel. It follows Jeremiah Roland, once again. A new gang spring

s up in Cedar Ridge–perhaps, a cult really. The ‘gang’ is a religious, extremist group, whose primary goal is to punish public figures who don’t live their lives ‘God’s way’.

Their murderous rampage has Jeremiah Roland perplexed–there doesn’t seem to be a method to their madness. His world flips upside-down when their crimes start to hit a little too close to home.

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