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Flash Fiction Thursday–First Line of a Story

Here’s another attempt at flash fiction. The prompt I used was once again from terribleminds.com:


I chose the line “Truth be told, I’m not sure any of them are actually dead” to start my story. I had a ton of fun with this zombie/pet cemetery mash-up.



“Truth be told, I’m not sure any of them are actually dead,” Shawn said.

He flipped over the cold body that resembled what used to be some sort of dog—a mastiff perhaps. Its already sharp canine teeth grew into vampire fangs. Their needle sharp edges had already punctured both Via and Shawn. Shawn wore his wound just below his left collar bone while Via bled through the bottom of her pant-leg.

Shawn pulled the dagger out of the beast’s neck. Via cringed at the suction sound the blade made when slopping out of the deep wound.

“Let’s get out of here before he wakes up,” Shawn said, knocking Via out of the paralysis brought on by disgust.

“Wakes up?”

“Yeah—I’ve seen it twice already. The last time was yesterday, right before I picked you up. I saw a dead hawk lose its feathers and morph into some kind of monster. Luckily he couldn’t keep up with ole’ Betsy.” Shawn tapped on his Mustang convertible that had seen better days. The hawk tore off ‘Betsy’s’ rag top just before Shawn was able to make his escape.

“Define morph.”

“You know—like transformers or something. You know how their tiny cars morph into ginormous robots, defying all laws of physics?”

Via nodded.

“Yeah, it’s like that. Animals are turning into bigger more vicious versions of themselves.”

Shawn saw the panic grow in her eyes and suddenly wished he hadn’t added that last part.

“But their eyes,” she mumbled under her breath. She didn’t expect Shawn to hear the fear in her voice, but he did nonetheless.

“What—you’ve never seen fiery red eyes before?” He chuckled at his question in hopes Via would recognize it as a joke. “It’s not that bad, it takes a whil—” Shawn broke off when he saw Via covering her mouth with her eyes focused behind him.

Without making any sudden move, Shawn wheeled around to see what he thought would be a giant bear, resembling Shardik from a story he once read, standing beside him.

Instead, what he saw was much worse.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said. He proceeded to jump into the driver’s seat without opening the door to the convertible, then pretended to be a gentleman and opened the passenger door from the inside.

She watched the beast approach, then shook her head as if to clear her mind of the danger. Via hopped in the car, locked her door, and put her seat-belt on as if either would be of any use against the demon galloping toward them.

Its eyes were the same crimson color as the other beasts. Its mouth foamed in a reddish-brown discharge that seemed to be a mix of its bowels and its blood. Skin and hair hung off of the beast’s torso.

The only animal Via thought to compare it to was a horse that seemed to break through the folds of hell and morph into a creature twice its original size.

Shawn cranked the Mustang into first gear and peeled away from the still-twitching dog-like beast.

Shawn knew it would rise again in minutes; growing into something even more fierce.

He shook his head to banish the terrifying thoughts as he shifted the car into fourth gear, pushing the sports car to 55mph.

Yet the beast still gained.

Apparently twice a regular horse’s speed too, Via thought, watching the red eyes close in on them.

The beast’s red eyes pierced through the darkness. Now that the two sped far away from the streetlight that was once overhead, they couldn’t see its body—just the eyes. They reminded Via of the creepy blue horse at Denver International Airport.

“What do we do?” She asked. She knew they wouldn’t be able to outrun the creature—they both did.

“I got a gun in the glove. Grab it for me will ya?”

She gave him an inquisitive look as if to ask him why he hadn’t used it on the dog-like creature.

“Hurry!” He yelled.

Via opened the glove and brought out a large silver revolver with a wooden grip. She turned the weapon over in her hands to examine the artwork inscribed all over the barrel, until he snatched it from her grip.

“No time for that.”

She recoiled back thinking he meant to shoot her.

“Grab the wheel,” he said.

She obliged, but it didn’t matter. They both found themselves gawking at the approaching horse with red eyes. Via stole just enough looks toward the road to keep the pair from careening off into a ditch.

Shawn thumbed the hammer and pulled the trigger of the pistol, releasing a deafening crash of gunpowder.

The round struck the demon horse in the abdomen. It slowed briefly, then galloped to a speed that Shawn thought was perhaps faster than it ran before.

“Hold it steady!” Shawn commanded Via, when the car started to fade to the right.

He pulled the hammer one more time, and shot the galloping spawn of Satan in its left eye. The horse collapsed to the ground all at once, face-planting into the cold cement.

“Did you get him?” Via asked.

Her panicked voice tickled the corner of Shawn’s lips into a smile. “Yep—he’s toast.”

She exhaled when Shawn turned to face the steering wheel again. He smiled at her before grabbing the wheel.

“I don’t know what you think is so funny,” she said.

He laughed harder at the scowl on her face. “Nothing, sweetheart. I don’t know why you’re so worried, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I’ve seen the disease—it spreads quick.”

He gestured to her left leg.

She looked down to see her leg had gotten big enough to trap her in the passenger’s seat. She’d be trapped until she gained all of the strength she needed to break out. By then, her eyes would be red, as well.