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The Thirteen Cover Design Steps of an Incompetent Author

No judgments—this was roughly my process for doing things.

  1. Open up ‘Paint’ on your computer and mess around with a few images.
  2. Give up, and realize that you’re not going to find that great idea you have on the internet.
  3. Go to [insert grocery/department store] and buy an assortment of random objects and art supplies.
  4. Arrange said objects on a sheet of [insert desired background color] poster board.
  5. Use your phone to take twenty or so pictures of dubious quality.
  6. Upload to Paint and add text.
  7. Realize that it looks like a piece of shit with words.
  8. Flip off the computer screen.
  9. Scrap it, and go for a simpler idea.
  10. Rationalize how great the new idea is.
  11. Compare to covers on Amazon.
  12. Flip off the computer screen…again.
  13. Say ‘[insert your choice of explicative] it’ and hire a cover designer.

One Step Closer to Hell 360x540 WebsiteSounds about right to me. Thoughts?

Shout out to Nicole, the cover designer for my two books. Find her at covershotcreations.com She has a ton of premade covers, or you can have her do something custom at a reasonable price. My second cover (Right) was a custom cover, and I think she did a great job. She’s ridiculously easy to work with, as well.